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Pay Per Click

Using Google Adwords and Google’s extensive ad network and display network, you can reach thousands of customers at the price you choose. Google currently has more than 200 million searches daily. Every five searches are local searches. Therefore it is very important to be on top in Google.

There is no doubt about the fact that PPC plays a key role in diverting potential customers towards a firm.

Given the rat race in the advertising campaigns of competitive firms, it is essential to employ your PPC advertisement with certain strategy at hand, so that your visitors turn into actual customers. This seems to be a tedious task to manage on one’s own.

Our vision as a pay per click management company is to help small and medium-sized business, and agencies on behalf of other various businesses, drive exceptional results by leveraging the power of search. Our goal as a leading pay per click advertising company is to help businesses optimize their search engine marketing effectiveness in order that they may acquire more customers at significantly lower costs.

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Competitive Research

We use competitive intelligence to benchmark your brand against your competitors and to audit your environment. Then we set out to gain you more market share and to devise a strategy bespoke to your website and your market place.


Keyword Generation

With access to a database of approximately 1 billion keywords, we identify keywords across the whole customer buying cycle, analysing and segmenting them into core target groups.


We determine exactly how your campaign should be targeted; from location and language to devices and search engine selection.


We test multiple ad copy variations to determine which ad will drive the highest possible click-through and conversion rate. We also run ad extension testing to calculate the true value of the search engines’ latest functionality.

Campaign Expansion

Keyword generation is not a one-time occurrence, it is ever-evolving. As the search landscape is constantly changing, new search terms and customer behaviour needs to be capitalised upon.


Filters & rules allow us to influence bids at keyword level. We develop complex, customised optimisation systems to ensure our target ROIs are achieved at the most granular level possible.

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