Authenticity In SEO: Why Being Genuine Should Be Your #1 Priority

Whether you are a business owner, a freelancer, an SEO specialist or simply a keen learner with an interest in digital marketing, you will have your own convictions about SEO. What do you value the most in your optimisation practise? Maybe it’s your ranking in the SERPs or the hope of gaining a larger client base. While SEO is a process that aims to get you the best ratings on Google, if your focus is just on results, you may want to rethink your priorities. Above all else, your SEO decisions should be based on the genuine interest you have for your customers; Uberflip takes it a step further and refers to genuine SEO as ‘REO’, or ‘Reader Engagement Optimisation’. Transparency In SEO Strategy With many scammers out there, it does not come as a shock that some people find it hard to trust SEO providers. This is why as a professional, it is essential to ensure that every task conducted is recorded and presented to your client in a report. Importance Of Meaningful Content While it is common knowledge that fresh content is great for SEO, it is also critical not to get carried away with spammy optimisation, once again keeping in the mind that content should be focused first and foremost on your reader (say it louder for the people in the back!) – not search engines, not your product, not your service. Another problem area with SEO that takes away from authentic content is spam, which basically means exploiting the vulnerabilities of search engine algorithms. Neil Patel goes into depth about how this can range from business names to customer reviews, to backlinks (we will get more into that shortly), to testimonials, to keywords, to internal linking and to long-form content.

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