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Google Maps Optimisation

When people search for you, does your phone number show up? Is the right address and website listed? A local business listing is an online profile that contains your business name, address, phone number, and other details. There are thousands of websites and directories on which local business owners are allowed to create business listings.Add pictures, respond to reviews, and share what’s best about your business with a listing on Google Whether you’re closing for the holidays or adding a new location, you can edit all your info instantly. Once your presence is established and accurate, move on to build your local listing in other search engines, like Yahoo! and Bing. Google is the largest search engine, with an estimated 75-85% market share.
Google Local Listing

All this simply means is if you aren’t one of the top ranking local listings in google maps for any particular products or services than you are missing out  a great source of local inquiries.

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